Commensurate Wage Compliance
Preparing for Enhanced Enforcement Training

The 2-day conference topics include an overview of the WIOA and its major programs and changes, the effective dates, which consumers can remain in CRPs at commensurate wages, and how CRPs will be impacted by the WIOA requirement for competitive integrated employment.

Conference topics will also include new definitions of ''joint employment" and ''joint liability'' when employees and consumer workers are placed in competitive employment and their work, paid or unpaid, benefits the employer and the placement agency.

December 2 - 3, 2015 at the Chula Vista Resort!

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Wisconsin's Rest Area Maintenance (RAM)

Wisconsin Rest Area Maintenance ProgramWisconsin's Rest Area Maintenance (RAM) Program has been in existence since 1987. The Program consists of 128 roadside sites in 39 counties in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) owns these sites and acts as the program administrator. WisDOT contracts with Rehabilitation for Wisconsin, Inc. (RFW) to provide program management services. WisDOT also contracts with 23 Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRPs) to provide the custodial care and landscape maintenance services at these roadside sites.

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